Sims' Next Top Model: The Imperfect Model (also called Sims' Next Top Unconventional Model, abbreviated SNTUM) will be the twenty-first season of Sims' Next Top Model (including spin-offs). For this season, the judges have stated that they are looking for anything but the ideal model, as an attempt at redefining what a model is. The competition will feature 10 finalists and around 20 semi-finalists, and will span for seven weeks, including a casting week, and six episodes.

Apps will be opened in the middle of episode 6.


The only requirements of this season is that applicants must be at least 15 years of age. Models of any height any weight, and any age above 15 are eligible to apply. Girls with disabilities, as well as girls not necessarily considered "pretty" or "beautiful" are also encouraged to apply.